4 Years Irie Shottaz live on stage: Da Nini & Easy Yves


Club Obsession

Irie Shottaz are celebrating their 4th anniversary with a mad line up:

Da Nini & Easy Yves will do a show full off energy and vybz, as always. The local heroes and members of the band „Schwellheim“ are ready anytime to mash up the place.

GANJAFORCE – THE EVERBLAZING SOUND is a dangerous and deadly soundkilla outta Olten. Better nuh ramp with dem.

Philippe Jourdan will bring a nice selection. As member of On Fire sound, he knows how to deal with it.

And last but not least Irie Shottaz the young, uprising sound outta Basel.


Doors: 22:00 | Entry: 10 chf before 12pm | 15 chf after 12 pm | Club Obbsession | Clarastrasse 45
Tisch- oder Loungereservierung per Mail an info@club-obsession.ch